Airshow L’Aquila 2024

airshow 2024


25-26 May 2024 – Parchi airport G. Tamburro, Preturo – L’Aquila

08:00 Fair area open to the public;

08.30 Start of HOT AIR BALLOON activities

09.00 Arrival of BIPLANO CLUB ITALIA group aircraft

10.00 Opening of the JET and Propeller model aircraft activities

11:00 Acrobatic Display Opening – Exhibition of participating aircraft:

  • Piaggio P166
  • Formazione P 149 / Falchi
  • Boeing Stearman 75
  • Cessna L19 Bird Dog
  • Mudry CAP10
  • Pitts S2 B
  • North American T6
  • Sukhoi 31 M
  • Pattuglia Charlie 26
  • Pattuglia Fly Team
  • Pattuglia G 46

13:00 Pause aerobatic display

13.15 Model aircraft activities

14.00 on 26/05/2024 Draw of the Tamburro Foundation Competition c/o A.D.A stand. Women of the Air Association 

15:15 Reopening of the aerobatic display Military Aircraft and Helicopter – passages, performances, static display:

  • AW 139 Aeronautica Militare
  • Mudry Cap 231
  • S 64 Skycrane Vigili del Fuoco
  • L 39 Albatros
  • NH 90 Marina Militare
  • AW 139 Guardia di Finanza
  • Pattuglia G46
  • n.2 F 2000 Eurofighter

17:00 National Acrobatic Team Exhibition “Frecce Tricolori”

18:00 Closing of the event

The program is to be considered provisional and may undergo changes/integrations.
Shuttle service available from the main parking areas to the airport and vice versa, during the opening hours of the event.

For info: – 0862/020209

Aerobatic formation of two light, easy to handle and fast planes will make it possible to propose a really pleasant aerobatic program which will include advanced figures such as “the heart”.


Glider ASK 21

Acrobatic glider that will perform a program on a classical musical base. The opening of this driver was strongly desired by the organization, as although differently able, his very strong passion led him to victory in the 2022 Italian Sports Class Championship.
Towing will be performed by a Maule MX-7 235, STOL aircraft with high capabilities, particularly suitable for towing, even of heavy vehicles, allows take-off and landing maneuvers in small spaces, pilot/instructor and expert tow at the controls (on return landing demonstration STOL).

Stearman 75

Produced by Boeing in the 1940s, it is an elegant two-seater biplane which, being designed for war use, allows acrobatic maneuvers and elegant figures. At the Airshow there will be two specimens with two distinct programs.

Piaggio P166

Produced by the Italian company Piaggio since the 1960s, initially intended for civilian use, it was used by the Guardia Finanza, the Coast Guard and the Air Force for patrolling, air ambulance and aerial photogrammetry operations.

Mudry CAP10

It is a single-engine, monoplane, aerobatic low-wing, two-seat side-by-side, light and easy to handle aircraft, widely used for training and aerobatic maneuvers.

Pitts S2 B

Produced by Curtis Pitts, it is a light acrobatic biplane with fixed landing gear, one of the best known and longest-lived acrobatic aircraft in the world, compact and light, it allows agile and sudden acrobatic figures.

Stearman 75

Second model present at the event, it will bring an elegant and exciting acrobatic program, with a musical base.

Cessna L19 Bird Dog

Historical aircraft of the 40s, it was born as an observer of the United States Army, particularly reliable, it allows semi-acrobatic maneuvers and is very easy to handle.
The livery of the specimen present at the event is the original one.

YAK 52

Aircraft from the 70s, single engine, monoplane, very powerful, used for training and also produced in Romania. Still used, with a characteristic passenger compartment, it houses 2 tandem seats.

Charlie 26

Formation of two light, easy to handle and fast planes will make it possible to propose a really pleasant program which will include advanced figures such as “the heart”.

JET Soko G2 Galeb

Ex Yugoslavian aircraft, produced in the 60s used as a military trainer and bomber for ground targets. Used in Croatia and Bosnia in the 90s. There are about 250 of them in the world.


High-performance acrobatic glider, at the controls the multiple Italian and world glider acrobatic champion. He also distinguished himself as an instructor of many pilots who were in turn awarded in national and foreign competitions. Towing Maule MX-7 235

  • 13:00 Pause demonstration
  • 15:00 Reopening of the event


Program being defined +
Static Exhibition
Special Forces performance request + Flag/SAR and National Anthem


Program being defined
Static Exhibition


Program being defined
Static Exhibition

North American T6

Single-engine propeller-driven, monoplane, two-seat tandem aircraft, used in World War II in the USA, was a trainer, also used as an air control and light attack machine. Maneuver demonstration.

G 46/P 149/3 Falchi

Air Training
Missing MAN: Exhibition “Salute to the fallen with SILENCE”


Single-seat variant of the Sukhoi Su-29, single-engine, produced in the 90s. Aerobatic aircraft widely used in exhibitions, known in L’Aquila because it was used by the pilot Svetlana Kapanina who used it in the Aquila Air Show in 1997. The one present at the show has a very particular livery and has a 400hp engine.


Program being defined
Static Exhibition

Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane

Participation awaiting confirmation


Program to be confirmed

Open to the public
Saturday 27 – Possibility to fly beyond sunset,
Sunday 28 closing 18.00


Booking at the Flight School stand.

Municipality of L’Aquila ordinance changes to traffic nr. 158/T/2024 of 20 May 2024

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