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Runway specifics

42°22’46″N 013°18’34″E

L’Aquila Radio: 122,500 MHz

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Notam e rules

Motorized flight - gliding circuit and traffic areas

Air traffic area

See maps below.

It is forbidden to “thermalling” in pattern, on flying area under 300 meters (1000 ft).

Pay attention:

  • On airport area (flight school and/or with training less experienced pilots);
  • At points of pattern entry of engine-powered A/M and in gliders release areas.

 In traffic pattern it must be avoided low and high-speed passages on the runway.

Respect the no-fly zone of the areas indicated on aeronautical charts and/or by NOTAM.


Gliders can reach the flight area from any direction, paying attention to the traffic in the points of pattern entry of engine-powered A/M , avoiding if possible long final approach.


  1. Approaching gliders should locate the Initial Point to the West of the area (see map P: Initial POINT)
  2. Gliders over the IP start descent to pattern altitude using left turns (yellow sign) looking for the runway and windsock up to quote:
  3. 300 m QFE (970m QNH) for Runway 18
  4. 250m QFE (920m QNH) for Runway 36.
  5. According to the runway chosen for the landing they downwind following one of the two routes indicated in the map.


The landing of the gliders takes place on asphalt runways 18 and 36.

The runway, if not communicated by radio, is determined by the lower or further ahead glider in pattern: all gliders must land in the same direction.

If there are gliders in final approach, the first one must land as long as possible to have enough space for others.

Gliders must:

  1. Do a normal descent: low and slow final approaches must be avoided (A/M in line and tow ready to takeoff, runway end officers)
  2. After touchdown, stop along the centerline of the runway and clear the landing area as soon as possible moving the glider; wait the tow on grass or on connections to a safety distance from runway (beside yellow line of connections or runway ends)

Gliders during this phase must never be left unattended.

Info airport procedures:

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Flight school

SUNRISE AVIATION S.r.l. Flight School was born in 2006 from the commitment and passion of its founding members. Starting from 2010 it is a Civil Aviation Training Center recognized at European level.

Sunrise team is qualified and makes available the deep experience in International aeronautical landscape, it strictly follows the legislation in force and its mission is a professional operating standard always aimed to SAFETY goal.

Thanks to titles and Staff expertise, A.T.O. comes onto the international market with the aim of becoming an excellent training center to which airlines companies can address to train high-quality staff, where individual approaching flight for joke or tourism can find a lovely and safe environment, where everybody can renew and improve their aeronautic culture, where visitor could aspire to a high-quality human and practical experience.

Want to experience the excitement to be


Sunrise Aviation team is here for yo
The experience:



Airport has a wide 800 square-meter refueling space area.

Opening hours:

Mon-Sun 07:30-18:30 (06:30-17:30) or 07:30-SS (06:30-SS) which of two occurs first

Kind of fuel and fuel capability:

Jet A1 – 15000 Litres
AvGas100LL – 15000 litres
MoGas – 10000 litres


2500 sq m of covered area

Available places on occasional or seasonal nature

New structures under construction

Upon Reservation

Info, costs and availability:

Outdoor parcking

Airport has two aprons and a wide grass area.

North Apron (14600 sq m, Asphalt):
N°8 Stand A/M Light
N°2 Stand A/M Medium
N°2 Helicopters areas

Main apron (5500 sq m, Asphalt):
N°2 Stand A/M Light
N°1 Stand A/M Medium
N°1 Helicopters areas

Wide grass area (1300 sq m Grass)

Info, costs and availability:

Aircraft Parking Docking Chart

ASD Gino Fischione association

ASD Gino Fischione consists of a group of friends sharing the passion for aviation who created a Flight Group based in Parchi Airport, Preturo (AQ).

Using aircrafts provided by individual members, they practice different flight specialties.

Between the members of the Association there are safety pilots who accompany the less experienced pilots for free.

Among the main aims, the Association takes part in events, guided tours, shows, exhibition of aeronautics and regularity races.

They also organize weather, air traffic, aviation regulations and flight safety training courses.

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